Alexander Letang


Sukira Question Sheet - Leeteuk
1. Which division was I in, when I was in the army? -12th Division2. Member that doesn’t listen to me the most?3. The celebrity that served the army with me?-Kim MooYeol4. The color I like?-White, black, blue, red5. The female singer I did a duet with?-Joo6. What campaign did I participate in recently? (campaign for Lou Gehrig’s disease patients)-Ice Bucket Challenge7. What date was I released from the army? 2014.7.298. Which year did I enter SM Entertainment? 20009. How long was I a Sukira DJ? 5 years 3 months10. My sister’s name? Park In Young(If you win, you can play a song. 7jib hasn’t been reviewed yet by KBS! Please choose a song besides the one from this album)Song: Song that Leeteuk made, ONLY YOU